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Gen Z Retailer-Specific Grocery Shoppers

Gen Z Retailer-Specific Grocery Shoppers


This study focused on Gen Z individuals who shopped more than twice a week at a specific grocery retailer in a particular region of the USA. These consumers participated in a 1-week diary study, followed by in-person shop-alongs, to better understand their shopping habits and the current and desired in-store experience.

Our Approach:

The challenge was identifying and engaging consumers with a high frequency of visits to the specific grocery retailer. We designed a targeted recruitment strategy employing on-site interceptors outside high-traffic grocery stores, prioritizing stores near universities. Recognizing the time-sensitive nature of grocery shopping and this audience, our interceptors focused on quick and engaging interactions. We offered a small on-the-spot grocery voucher as a token of appreciation for answering the screener questions, which also created a positive association with the study. 

Number of interceptors deployed: 8
Number of completed surveys: 540
How long they were deployed for: 4 days


We successfully recruited n = 30 Gen Z participants within 4 days of launching interceptors.